Company Business policy

Business policy 

of the Reiling Group.

Business policy                          

As a recycling expert, we contribute to environmental protection, to protect the global commodity reserves and climate protection. Our mission: to create an optimal cycle of re- use and maintain this.We see sustainability, environmental and social responsibility as an important part of our business policy. The following principles form the basis of our business success:


Environment and Energy policy

We preserve the Environment

We see the environmental and climate protection as an important task and consider these in all business decisions. The protection of the environment and conserving our natural resources depend on the commitment of each employee.

We save energy

Energy-conscious action is one of our most significant guidelines. Continuous improvement of the company’s energy efficiency, monitored and controlled by our energy management system, provides evidence of our sense of responsibility towards the environment and efficient use of energy-related resources.
We commit ourselves to meet all requirements as stipulated in DIN EN ISO 50001:2018. This includes the implementation of the following tasks in all corporate divisions:

  • Compliance with all legal requirements regarding use of energy, energy consumption, and energy efficiency
  • Determination of strategic and operational energy goals
  • Provision of resources and information required for the realisation of strategic and operational goals
  • Consideration of energy efficiency in the procurement process of new plants, products, and services
  • Systematic assessment of our processes and plants in terms of energy efficiency
  • Motivation and training of our staff regarding environment-conscious and energy-conscious behaviour
  • Review of the results of the measures taken by us and of our energy management system within the scope of energy team  meetings and through periodical internal and external expert assessments (audits)
Quality policy

We are working on improving our performance

Through regular internal and external audits and regular quality controls, deviations are identified and potential improvements in production and product quality explored. By implementing appropriate corrective actions to ensure that the management system and product quality are continuously improved. This claim is guaranteed as per ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system.

We carry product responsibility and offer our own recycling solutions

Many secondary raw materials can be recycled repeatedly without loss of quality. Our goal is to use sophisticated technology and advanced services to achieve an optimal exploitation chain for all commodities. By developing our own state of the art treatment plants and the constant pursuit of an increase in the use of raw materials we close the loop and enable the highest product quality and environmental protection.




Social policy

We take responsibility for our employees as a group

"The climate that a company creates not only affects corporate culture, but also has an impact on the outside world. Therefore, every company has a responsibility to society. "- Anselm Grün-

We have a special responsibility for our employees, who bring the company forward every day with their know-how, commitment and motivation, thus contributing to the company's success.

As a corporate group, we take this responsibility very seriously and are already actively approaching it today. We always have one demand: to combine economically successful behavior with socially and ecologically conscientious behavior.

In order to avoid accidents at work, work-related health risks and / or occupational diseases, we regularly assess and evaluate the dangers and risks of our tasks and workflows. We want to learn from our mistakes, in order to avoid them in the future, we create and implement solutions for safety and health-related deficiencies. We are commited to complying with the legal requirements in occupational health and safety.

The health and welfare of our employees are very important to us. As a result we have introduced a company fitness program that can be used in order to promote the health of every individual. 

We offer a company fitness program to promote the health of each individual. We also offer the possibility of bicycle leasing in order to create the possibility to travel as far as possible in terms of health, environment and climate. The active participation of our employees forms the basis for our success.






We also attach great importance to the compatibility of family and work. We enable this by offering flexible working time models.

We take responsibility for our young generation

As a family we think not only of the quality of life today, but also to the next generation. Responsibility is a key concept, in which we always fill with life for us. Like when we provide a wide range of training places , when we offer internships for students in order to allow a first insight into working life or when we give new or career changers new perspectives.

We promote education and knowledge

The personal development and promotion of each individual in the company is very important to us. We promote skills and developments and provide regular in-house training and seminars. We provide an innovative work environment enabling our employees to realise and fulfil their potential.

We bear a commitment to our customers and partners

Furthermore, we assume a great responsibility towards our customers and partners. With our customers we strive to creat more value. Especially important for us is the collaborative relationship with the local authorities, the trade as well as the industry. We have a clear commitment: to provide high levels of customer satisfaction through superior product quality, individual and recycling solutions for its reliability and flexibility.

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